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With the Sundance Pointe Apartment dishwasher, you need not worry about washing the plates and kitchen utensils after a party inside your apartment. Just add detergent into the container to be circulated by a pump. Like the icemaker, the dishwasher can save you a lot of time especially if you have guests around.

The Sundance Pointe Apartment dishwasher takes care of the heavy cleaning chores after every party meal. Operating the Sundance Pointe Apartment dishwasher is easy. Just follow the written instructions or you can ask maintenance for assistance if you encounter any problem.

The Sundance Pointe Apartment dishwasher installed at the kitchen backsplash on top of the granite countertops near the sink enhances the functionality and value of your daily kitchen activities.

A marked feature of the Sundance Pointe Apartment dishwasher is that it reduces water spillage while dishwashing, even if pre-washing may be necessary. The appliances and fixtures inside your kitchen are matched with the marvelous interior space that expresses an extraordinary atmosphere of beauty and simplicity in every apartment unit.

All apartment features of Sundance Pointe Apartment dishwasher are found in the three floor plan apartment designs or models of the community that include:

· One Bedroom plan model of 721 sq ft

· Two-Bedroom, 2-Bath 985 sq ft floor plan model

· Three-Bedroom, 2-Bath floor plan model with a total area of 1,114 sq ft

The Sundance Pointe Apartment dishwasher is integrated into the kitchen as a space-saving mechanism but is marked by elegance in its design and ambiance, with the installation of beige maple cabinetry, granite countertops, a refrigerator, and an attractive dark brown square table with four chairs embellished with a framed art painting on the wall.

The Sundance Pointe Apartment dishwasher is part of an overall design, a well calculated spaciousness marked by high ceilings, a well-fit wall-to-floor dimensions and a balanced interior environment based on proper lighting matched with light wall colors, and an attractive wood floor finish.

Sundance Pointe Apartment is one of the many beautiful apartment communities in Florida. Located in the midst of the spectacular geographic configuration of Jacksonville, it is surrounded by three interstate highways, and the meandering surrounding bodies of water of St. John’s River on the west and Dame’s Point Turn on the east near the ten islands between St. John’s River and Mill Cove.

Come and visit the Sundance Pointe Apartment and see the difference. We can provide you a tour of the community at 5681 Edenfield Road Jacksonville, FL 32277. Our office hours are from Monday to Friday 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM. For directions you can call us at (904) 745-5757, or send us a message through our website .